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Our mission is to benefit from the transparency and immutability of the blockchain to solve the problems of replacement energies funding, making the flow of investment intended to improve the world more transparent.

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Continuing the path traced by electricity, oil, computer and the inter, et, financial technology, often shortened to "Fintech" and the blockchain are commonly called the "fourth industrial revolution". Cryptocurrencies are a part of this revolution, and they have experienced significant market growth over the recent years, including not only Bitcoin, but numberless altcoins continuing to be created, developed, and expanded since 2015. In this landscape, Mnoer (MNR), a cutting-edge cryptocurrency utilizing smart contract technology was born. We want to create a world where, for example, if we consider 20,000 dollars of investment, it is possible to see that 8,000 dollars were used for micro-hydroelectric power in the AsiaPacific, while the other 12,000 dollars would be used to help to build solar panels in Mexico. This is the world we're dreaming of at the Mnoer.com. By creating a world in which Mnoer (MNR) investment can, thanks to the blockchain, be carried transparently and securely, the Mnoer Platform is promoting the Mnoer (MNR) investment.

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our solar power journey
Apr 2017 - Des 2018
Our Idea

Idea about to startup solar power supply company to fulfill energy demands for locals. Then Started trial to supply power and power supply upto some extent got started. Few months later an Idea about to come on Blockchain and to start raising fund to make project great. After that we been ready to deploy ERC20 Token "Mnoer" and to write whitepaper.

Apr 2019 - Oct 2019

Token (Mnoer) deployed. We are going to invest fund in the project. Mnoer got listed on Saturn Network.

Oct 2019 - Present
Supplying Energy

Project will be ready to supply energy and get pay in returns. Profits will be shared by holders. Every part of profits will be shared among MNR Holders monthly.

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